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06/11/2007 - Оживление и обновление сайта. Переделан раздел Useful Stuff  

07/25/2003 - Most Famous Gangsters section updated!!!

07/05/2003 - Download section updated. Fixed some minor bugs with sounds.

04/24/2003 - Download section is now open!

04/04/2003 - American Idioms added!

03/31/2003 - due to constant hosting problems Star-Spangled Site has moved to Narod.Ru.

03/31/2003 - U.S. Pictures section added!

02/16/2003 - Commonly-Used American Slang page is finally added!!!

02/11/2003 - Useful Stuff Section is now available!

11/30/2002 - We've been awarded!!! Check the AWARDS section!

11/25/2002 - Famous Murphy's Laws added

11/23/2002 - Weekly Quiz added (temporary closed) 

11/17/2002 - Guestbook added

11/13/2002 - Subscriber Form added

10/23/2002 - construction of the site started

10/22/2002 - successfully registered domain

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About the Content at Star-Spangled Site

This document describes the content of Star-Spangled Site. Parental guidance is recommended for users of a young age such as below 16.

Star-Spangled Site contains jokes and other humorous material that attempts to cater to a spectrum of people, tastes and maturity. Due to the nature of such a site, the content may be deemed offensive to some.

Users of Star-Spangled Site and the subscribers to the Star-Spangled Jokes Maillist may be subjected to content containing such things as...

Jokes based on religion, geographical location, gender, sexual orientation.

Jokes based on midgets, mentally and physically challenged people.

Jokes based on people and celebrities in society.

Extreme and or excessive foul language.

Highly erotic sexual conduct and descriptions of acts.

Slang and insults to particular parts of the human anatomy.

Recommendations to carry out public acts that are in poor taste.

Other topics deemed offensive by the general public.

Users of Star-Spangled Site will not be subjected to any material containing...

Racial jokes or hatred

Violence against women or children

What If Particular Content Highly Offends Me?

We want to hear from you! Please feel free to send us feedback or write to us about what offends you at Star-Spangled Site. Keeping in mind however, what jokes and humor is all about. Something you may find offensive, others may find hilarious. We will always evaluate the comments we receive about appropriateness of content, it usually requires a number of feedback's from various people before material is removed. If we were to remove all the sections single users request to have taken off line, there would no longer be enough content for a site! We recommend if a particular section highly offends you to send us a feedback form detailing your feelings, and not to use the area in question.

Use of Material

If you or your organization would like to use content found in Star-Spangled Site, prior written authorization from us is required in the process described below. The following are steps required to obtain a permit to use specified material from Star-Spangled Site...

1. Internet Site - Write a proposal stating the exact material you wish to use; the address of the site it will be included on; whether the site is personal or corporate; whether revenue will be generated from it directly, indirectly or not at all; the general topic of the web site.
Publication - Write a proposal stating the exact material you wish to use; the name of the publication; the type of publication (magazine, book, research etc); circulation of the publication; whether the publication is for personal or corporation (revenue generating) and other information of relevance.

2. Submit your proposal and wait for reply, please allow up to 1 week for processing and a response. Further information may be requested of you during this time.
If your proposal has been denied, it is legally required that you or your organization refrains from use of the material. If your proposal has been granted, you may use the material specifically as stated in the outline sent to you.

Depending on the proposal and the material requested, there may be a requirement for a credit note to accompany the material such as "Courtesy of". Star-Spangled Site reserves the right to revoke permission at any time without cause.

This policy is in place to protect the branding and image of the Star-Spangled Site name and is necessary to protect the copyright ownership of the content.

Star-Spangled Site Content Information

The views and subject matter expressed in the jokes and humor content of this site, are not necessarily those of the site publisher. Star-Spangled Site is intended as an entertainment only resource and does not provide any factual or instructional information to its users. Viewing and use of the content within the Star-Spangled Jokes network is at the users own risk and discretion.

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